Truly Immersive Experiences

The Museum of Other Realities (MOR) is a place to connect, share, and experience virtual art and events with others.

Why the MOR?

The Museum of Other Realities is a community of architects, designers, and developers creating a one-of-a-kind virtual space, and bringing together free-ranging virtual art and interactive experiences. In 2020, Museum of Other Realities and Kaleidoscope announced their exclusive collaboration to create state of the art virtual events. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the joint team has successfully produced and co-curated a series of virtual events.

Beautiful Venues
Host your event in a branded venue of possibilities. Attendees can step into a painting, surround themselves with fantastic sounds, experience a space as it shifts and evolves.
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Custom Media Gallery
From 2D/360 video screenings to full 3D installations and experiences, the MOR seamlessly supports a wide range of media types.
Natively Social and Interactive
The MOR was designed as a social experience from the start, with multiplayer, voice chat, photography, and avatar customization. Visitors and attendees can move from room to room and explore exhibits either as a group or individually.
breaking new ground
A Few Brands We've Worked With

We've had the pleasure of hosting a variety of events with daring partners, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with virtual gatherings.

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What people are saying...

"With more and more immersive content appearing in film festival lineups over the last couple of years, there have been a few attempts to create a cohesive immersive festival experience. However, it feels like the Museum of Other Realities (MOR) has properly cracked the code with its XR3 exhibition this year. It’s a joint exhibition staged by the virtual museum and three organizations — Cannes XR, NewImages and Tribeca — and it results in something that feels like a true vision and creative blueprint for the future of immersive festivals."


"As in a museum, where you have the scenography around the work of art itself, the MOR platform will create a similar model for the works presented. It’s important to show that, because these kinds of hybrid expos are the future. Digital platforms offer unlimited access, unrestricted by time or geographic distance"


“Not all of Tribeca's innovative interactive art exhibitions are available in the Museum of Other Reality's XR3 showcase, but trying VR art at home has been a pandemic tradition I want to continue for a long time.”

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Requires a VR Headset and a compatible PC.

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View some of the venues...
VIFF Immersed Exhibition 2021
Vancouver International Film Festival
XR3: Virtual Exhibition
Cannes XR, NewImages Festival, and Tribeca Festival
Immersive Arcade: The Showcase
Commissioned by UKRI, as part of the Audience of the Future Challenge.
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