An immersive multiplayer art showcase in VR, the Museum of Other Realities (MOR) is a place to connect, share, and experience virtual reality art with others.

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The Museum

A community of creators, explorers, and artists, the MOR provides a place to connect, share, and experience new media together with others from all over the world in VR. The virtual museum is an ongoing, regularly-updated experience. It contains a cross section of the free-ranging experimentation present in the relatively new medium of VR art, supporting artists who are challenging and redefining what is possible. Together we can discover what this new space means to all of us.

A New Frontier for Art
An immersive art showcase. Step into a painting, surround yourself with fantastic sounds, experience art as it evolves and takes form. The MOR is an evolving experience, featuring new art on a ongoing basis.
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Building a Community
Hang out with friends and enjoy a collective experience with new people. We hold regular parties, celebrating and fostering a community around this new medium.  
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Supporting Artists
Every artist showcasing their work in the Museum is paid and promoted. Are you making something incredible that could only exist in VR? We’d love to hear about your work!
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Featured artists
A few artists we've worked with...
Sutu (aka Stuart Campbell) uses art and technology in new ways to tell stories. He is known for his interactive comics including Nawlz, Neomad, Modern Polaxis and These Memories Won't Last. More recently he was commissioned by Marvel and Google to create Tilt Brush VR paintings. He has also created two VR documentaries.
Nick Ladd
Nick Ladd
Nick Ladd is a 3D animator with a background in illustration and a passion for creating new things. He uses VR tools like Quill and AnimVR to bring characters, creatures and worlds to life; and enjoys the creative freedom that comes with working in a virtual environment.
Bastiaan Hooimeijer (Naam) is a self-taught 2D / 3D / VR artist / designer / animator / director / developer from The Netherlands. He's fully committed to using VR as a new tool, medium of expression and, more essentially, world-building. He's currently working on A Piece Of The Universe, a personal diorama made in VR, for VR.
Ana Duncan
Ana Duncan
Ana Duncan is a designer for animation in television, film and VR. She has brought her bright playful designs to the hit series Teen Titans Go!, and her fun fashion illustrations to the pages of LA Magazine.Her love of retro sci-fi and renaissance gowns influence both her personal and commercial work.
Isaac Cohen
Isaac Cohen
Isaac Cohen (cabbibo) is a VR Artist exploring the new paradigms of user experience for headset displays. He has also published an eclectic array of works ranging from audiovisual fact-learning apps to interactive experiences made from recursive algorithms.
Kevin Mack
Kevin Mack
Kevin Mack is an artist and Academy Award winning visual effects pioneer. He received the Oscar for Best Visual Effects for his work on WHAT DREAMS MAY COME. Mack's abstract virtual reality artworks, Blortasia and Zen Parade, have been exhibited at art and technology events around the world.
Danny Bittman
Danny Bittman
Bittman is a virtual reality artist, film maker, and developer creating the fastest workflow to translate the human imagination into digital information. Using VR creation tools like Tilt Brush and Blocks, he has created immersive designs for Marvel, Google, Hyundai, Nvidia, and more.
Liz Edwards
Liz Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards grew up in the UK and studied Computer Games Art at Teesside University before a MA in Video Game Development at Birmingham City University. After school she was a 3d character artist in the AAA games industry before moving to Montreal. She is well known for her work in Tilt Brush, Medium and Quill
What visitors are saying...

“What was once artwork experienced in the solitary confines of a universe built for one, at the MOR becomes a social phenomenon commented upon and shared by an entire community.”


“The MOR is an experience, not a game or a demo. It is designed like a real-world art museum, giving some of the best VR artists in the world a venue to show off all the amazing VR art they have been making for the last two years. I went into MOR with no expectations and came out with my mind completely blown. Everyone and anyone curious about VR needs to try this thing out."


“And I was off again. But only because it was such a wonderful building, full of multi-dimensional madness and portals to impossible scenery.”

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Requires a VR Headset and a compatible PC.

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