Anna Zhilyaeva
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Anna Zhilyaeva is a French/Russian artist living in the south of France. As an eternal pilgrim, she feels very good in any part of the planet and consider travel as the most important part of her education.

After graduating from fine art school, she worked as a designer, illustrator and art director in a publishing company, but never stopped learning. Along her professional activities, she attended different universities in Russia and France studying visual arts, architecture, film making, sculpture and teaching.

The amazing and endless possibilities of Virtual Reality are the reason she is now working almost exclusively as a VR artist, mainly through live performances and mixed reality video. Anna has adopted the term "Volumism" for her immersive creations of sculptured paint, because of the way this technology offer to create any volume and breaks the laws of gravity.

Black And White Daydream
Anna Zhilyaeva
Available on Steam

Requires a VR Headset and a compatible PC.

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