Vladimir Ilic
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Vladimir Ilic is a german creative technologist focused on VR and AR. Under the pseudonym VRHUMAN he is researching the boundaries of the human experience with projects like the Artifacts Piano Bar. Blending realities and art with virtual reality tools like Tilt Brush and Oculus Medium he works towards forming strands and stories that connect humans. His VR talks and workshops about the ongoing experimental research project #VREVERYDAY have been featured in books and major websites in countries like the USA, China, Russia, Germany, and Japan. Constantly pushing the cutting edge of hardware and software forward to inspire and educate about new immersive technology. Vladimir worked with partners like Google, AMD, Mozilla, Sony Pictures and the European Parliament on immersive projects that expand our understanding of art and technology.

Bamboo Forest
Vladimir Ilic
Available on Steam

Requires a VR Headset and a compatible PC.

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