September 25, 2019
MOR September: Domicile

Stepping into Durk van der Meer's (@durkatwork) Terrarium feels like inviting yourself into someone’s home without ringing the doorbell. Something about it is comforting enough to make you wait for a host, as you take in the stillness of an indoor environment and the warmth of a stylized home theater. Created with Google Blocks and Substance Painter, Terrarium touches on Durk's love for dioramas and his background in architectural visualization - both of which have been poignantly realized in the piece.

WORLD ONE  by Scobot
WORLD ONE by Scobot

With a slow and meditative immersive intention, WORLD ONE by VR artist Scobot (@scobot1) is a vast, abstract paintscape created in Tilt Brush. Surrounded by streaks of light and leafy canopies and caves, float through the piece as it makes you shift gears in terms of your relational immersion to paintings.

Infinite Fidget ( 2019)   by John Orion Young
Infinite Fidget (2019) by John Orion Young

An illustrious nod to the fidget spinner trend from 2017, Infinite Fidget is John Orion Young's ( newest addition to the MOR. Young describes the piece as a “muse for infinite creative energy”, a creativity booster when you're feeling low. What you could decide beforehand, perhaps, is whether you’ll spin with joy or let yourself be spun.


This month we featured Micah 404 in our Artist Spotlight. You can read his interview here.

He talks about his tools, creative workflow, and influences. As an active VR artist and member of the ART404 collective, he shares with us a glimpse of what it is like to collaborate within the XR art community and what mainstream adoption of VR tools could enable for the expanding pool of VR artists.


  • You can now adjust your Personal Bubble In VR
  • Introduced a new teleport arc design, with more changes on the way

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