July 15, 2020
The Fabric of Reality: A Virtual Fashion Show

The MoR is excited to be partnering with Kaleidoscope to host yet another XR possibility from the spectrum of other realities. Mark July 29th on your calendars as the launch date for The Fabric of Reality - an immersive fashion show that will remain in the MoR till July 2021. 

Verizon Media’s Emmy Award winning immersive storytelling production house RYOT has partnered with Fashion Innovation Agency (FIA) at London College of Fashion, University of Arts London (UAL). The show has been designed to reveal a deeper understanding of design and designer stories. As an in-depth experience, it will be a first of its kind virtual reality fashion exhibition, with the scope to take audiences on a journey that explores the narrative behind the making of three top designers’ collections.

This event falls into what have been called “phygital” experiences, in recent times merging physical and digital experiences. With an exhibition room with sculptural garments and three portals representing each project’s ‘Storyworld’ or self-contained universe, the event attempts a fresh expression of the emotional reality of the sculptural garments. 

The Fashion Innovation Agency has built a reputation for using emerging technologies to help designers change the way they make, sell and show their collections. RYOT has joined forces with like-minded partners to create The Fabric of Reality. A fashion show reimagining the current moment and the future of fashion, bringing a completely new and exciting dimension to the way that designers’ concepts are showcased to global. In preparation, designers have been paired with digital artists to dress the space in a style that matches both the audience and collection. 

Designer-Artist pairs from the showcase include :

  • Damara – a fashion media practitioner who focuses on blurring the binary of physical and digital to create positive change for sustainability whilst exploring digital fashion. Damara has partnered with Sutu (aka Stuart Campbell), who has been commissioned by the likes of Marvel and Disney to create VR art for properties such as “Doctor Strange” and “Ready Player One”.
  • SABINNASabinna – a designer who combines traditional handcraft with innovation to create timeless contemporary pieces to showcase how fashion can be a tool to reconnect with our mind and visions. SABINNASabina has partnered with VRHUMAN (aka Vladimir Ilic), who combines new mediums like Tilt Brush, 3D-software, and traditional media to expand our understanding of how we interact with our surroundings and with ourselves.
  • Charli Cohen – an ambassador for sustainability, health and wellness who uses her collection of upcycled clothes to portray aspects of mental health. Charli has partnered with Ana Duncan, an illustrator and designer in the animation and gaming industry, who has worked on projects for Warner Brothers, Disney and Nintendo. Charli has also been paired with John Orion Young (JOY), who creates original virtual muses.  

For those unable to catch the experience in VR, a live event with the designers inside the experience will stream at 18:30 BST on 29 July on Yahoo Style and HuffPost UK in 2D formats, and will also be available on VOD following the event.  

*The Fabric of Reality project is being delivered by RYOT as part of Verizon Media’s broader XR programme, Verizon Media Immersive. Verizon Media is an incubator of innovation and is revolutionising the next generation of content creation in a 5G world.

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