Durk van der Meer
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Several years after graduating from art school where Durk studied painting, his 3D journey began as an architectural visualiser. Drawn to the real time rendering power of game-engines he started tinkering about with Unreal Engine and Unity3d in his free time, and slowly started moving away from architecture, moving towards level- and character design. Since then he’s worked on interactive and real time installations, AR and VR applications, animated movies and games for clients such as Sky, Amazon, Adyen, EDC festival and more. For many of these projects he collaborated with Naam, another VR artist who is featured in the MOR. 

Working on these projects he started to realize that work created for VR greatly benefits from being created in VR. Starting out working with Google Blocks and Oculus Medium, he has since moved to working primarily in GravitySketch and can’t imagine doing any 3d creation outside of VR at this point. He is very excited to see other parts of the 3d pipeline, such as texturing and animating characters, find their way into VR. he finds himself a bit frustrated by the slow pace that’s going, and that creativity VR tools are not being valued more by the big companies. 

Durk is currently working with absurd:joy, helping them build a playground of immersive experimentation. In his free time he’s working on Maranga, an explorable VR park, which contains many of the VR artworks he’s created over the past 2 years. The teaser for Maranga is also the video playing in the living room of piece Terrarium, featured in the MOR.

Durk van der Meer
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Requires a VR Headset and a compatible PC.

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