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Durk is interested in protopia, the opposite of dystopia, a future where science and nature exist in symbiosis; in his imagination these things combine into some kind of colorful science fiction, where buildings are built to be beautiful and last hundreds of years, technology is used to infuse our surroundings with visual poetry, and the use of minimalism is kept to a minimum. Durk looks to the work of artists like Moebius (Jean Giraud), Jeroen Bosch, M.C.Escher, Marc Giai-Miniet and Antoni Gaudi for the worldbuilding quality in their work.

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Durk van der Meer on Building Miniature Worlds and Relational Spaces in VR
Durk van der Meer hails from Groningen, Netherlands. A painter and digital artist, he graduated from Academie Minerva, Hanze University with rigorous and traditional training in visual art. As a self-taught 3D artist, he has a striking body of work and a wealth of experiential loot from his time in architectural visualisation and the animation industry. Some early work includes projects with Happy Ship -- a company in Groningen -- where he assisted on Polska Warrior, an animation project that received a Golden Calf.
Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes: The Sound of Terrarium
In this behind-the-scenes look into building the MOR, we talk about the sound implementation for Durk van der Meer's piece, Terrarium.
MOR September: Domicile
Stepping into Durk van der Meer's (@durkatwork)Terrarium feels like inviting yourself into someone’s home without ringing the doorbell. Something about it is comforting enough to make you wait for a host, as you take in the stillness of an indoor environment and the warmth of a stylized home theater. Created with Google Blocks and Substance Painter, Terrarium touches on Durk's love for dioramas and his background in architectural visualization - both of which have been poignantly realized in the piece.
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