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Scobot creates immersive, virtual reality art. Combining years of professional experience in painting, sculpture, and video art with game engine technology, he uses a variety of VR applications to allow viewers to explore and experience his abstract compositions. The Pacific Science Center (Seattle, WA) licensed his work for display and he was Artist-in-Residence at the University of Washington CoMotion Labs (Seattle, WA). His work "WORLD ONE" was an official selection for the 2018 Seattle International Film Festival and the 4th Ranetas VR Fest (Aragon, Spain) and large-scale archival prints from “World One” are on permanent display at Bellevue College XR Lab (Bellevue, WA). His work is heavily influenced by childhood memories of summer days floating in swimming pools, laying in the sun and watching thunderclouds drift across the sky.

World One
Available on Steam

Requires a VR Headset and a compatible PC.

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