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Scott Bennett aka Scobot was working as a VJ in 2015 doing live video editing performances in clubs when he got an Oculus DK2 and began creating immersive experiences. Combining years of professional experience in painting, sculpture, and video art with game engine technology, Scobot's work allows viewers to explore and experience abstract compositions. World One was the official selection for the 2018 Seattle International Film Festival and also at the 4th Ranetas VR Fest in Aragon, Spain. World One is available to license for location based entertainment, academic institutions, museums and events via the Springboard VR platform. The Camera is an important tool in World One, Scobot hopes that viewers take time to explore the infinite compositional possibilites in the space, and possibly take a few choice shots home with them.

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MOR September: Domicile
Stepping into Durk van der Meer's (@durkatwork)Terrarium feels like inviting yourself into someone’s home without ringing the doorbell. Something about it is comforting enough to make you wait for a host, as you take in the stillness of an indoor environment and the warmth of a stylized home theater. Created with Google Blocks and Substance Painter, Terrarium touches on Durk's love for dioramas and his background in architectural visualization - both of which have been poignantly realized in the piece.
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