Lignes de Fleurs
Sabby Lighf
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Lignes de Fleurs belongs to a series of Tilt Brush illustrations by US-based artist, Sabby Lighf. As part of her 365 Days of Tilt Brush challenge, the series draws from Lighf's interest in the microscopic striations on leaves and petals. Her detail-oriented style takes inspiration from the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, her favorite artist, as she seeks out line patterns and the iridescence of light reflections in nature. The 365 Days of Tilt Brush challenge began on the 1st of January, 2019, evolving weekly with art explorations that pan across various styles and themes. Coming from a fine art background, Lighf uses Tilt Brush with a resolve to gain mastery over the medium.

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A Spin in the Multiverse of Sabby Lighf
Sabby Lighf is a VR Artist and Live Performer whose artistic quest in traditional painting turned into self-seeking in virtual reality. Her VR tale begins sometime in 2018, a little after she saw a Tilt Brush commercial which led her to start exploring painting in a new medium.
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