Nick Ladd
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Nick Ladd is a Canadian animator and artist who works primarily in VR using an Oculus Rift and Quill. His background is in both 2D illustration and 3D animation which he studied at both Sheridan and Dawson College. During his studies Nick was drawn to Virtual Reality for the prospect of a brand new medium for immersive storytelling. He quickly took to the 3D painting program Quill because of how well it complimented his 2D/3D background and allowed him to quickly create stylized virtual worlds and illustrations. After completing his studies Nick began working for various clients who were interested in the prospects of using VR tools in their pipelines. This eventually led to the co-founding of Studio Syro; a VR animation company with a focus on creating work with Quill and other VR tools. In response to the lack of basic tutorials for Quill; Nick created a free online learning resource called Animbrush academy with the aim of simplifying the Quill learning process for new users. He has also assisted with several live workshops on VR animation including one at CTN and one at the Canadian National Film Board with the developers of AnimVR. Nick lives and works in Montreal where he balances freelance work, VR app development and his job as a VR concept artist at The Arcadia Games.

Nick Ladd
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