Nick Ladd
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Nick has been an illustrator and 3D animator for some time, he got into VR with the Oculus DK1 and began creating using Quill and AnimVR last year, inspired by artists like Goro Fujita. These pieces are painted in Quill and inspired by Nicks interest in feathered dinosaurs, he feels it opens up much more creativity than the traditional scaley grey monsters we see in the movies. By presenting something we are all familiar with in a new and exciting way Nick encourages the viewer to reconsider the creatures which ruled the earth for millions of years, he hopes that viewing these pieces in VR will inform a sense of scale and majesty. Nick's work exists to tell small, clear stories in their own little worlds, he treats each like a diorama, carefully placing characters, props and environments to create a narrative in the viewers mind, he hopes people will consider each piece carefully and find the easter eggs hidden in each piece. Nick was born in 1993 and lives in Canada.

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Spotlight: Nick Ladd on Handcrafting 3D Animation in VR
Nick Ladd is a Canadian artist with a background in illustration and 3D animation. As a VR artist, he created the learning resource, Animbrush Academy, and co-founded Studio Syro, an animation studio using the VR painting tool 'Quill' to produce hand-crafted experiences.
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