Alex Steven Martin is a two-dimensional illustrator who creates science fiction worlds rich in detail, character and colour. Alex's Sci Fi World is his friend Schaefer's effort to bring physical space and depth to Alex's two dimensional worlds. Schaefer worked for four months on Alex's Sci Fi World, from planning out the included elements to blocking out the alley to all the final details. Alex's Sci Fi World is further brought to life by brilliant animation which, unfortunately, for technical reasons we are unable to show.

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MOR August: Tilt Couture
This month, animation designer Anand Duncan brings a new addition to her dress collection; we now have seven intricate wearable dresses on display. The latest dress resonates with retrowave visual culture, updating her vibrant collection of period attire with some digital couture. It's the perfect opportunity to strut about and walk away in an Anand Duncan original!
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