Liz Edwards
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Elizabeth Edwards is a trained professional 3D modeler working in the AAA game industry. She feels VR lets her work more directly in the 3D space, allowing her to sketch freehand in three dimensions as quickly and easily as sketching on a piece of paper. The Baddies were created for the ArtStation "Beyond Human" challenge. Edwards wanted to capture a nefarious gang in cyberspace future where normal human form is starting to become obsolete and unfashionable.

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Spotlight: Andy Baker on Ascribing Personality to Randomness
Based in Brighton, UK, Andy Baker is an artist-developer who has “always been drawn towards more creative ends of tech, and probably the tech ends of the creative world”. For our November 2020 show called Body Clock we had the opportunity to work with Andy, specifically with the mathematical piece Gossamer. 
The Museum of Other Realities is Now Free to Visit
We’re excited to announce that there’s no longer a paywall to get into the MOR!
Your Guide To XR3 at the MOR
XR3 is a joint exhibition project by Cannes XR, NewImages Festival (France), and Tribeca Festival (United States) presenting the best of immersive creation in June and July 2021.
Volume One: Realities and Dimensions
The MOR had the pleasure of meeting with the creators behind the four stunning experiences that were exhibited as Volume One of the Immerse Arcade: The Showcase. In case you missed it, we’ve put together everything we learnt from the artistic directors and immersive studios behind The Invisible, Notes on Blindness, Fly and Common Ground.
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