Kevin Mack
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This Blort is from Kevin Mack's Blortasia, currently available on Steam. Blorts sooth the mind with their hypnotic evolving shapes and textures. Blortasia is a surreal maze of colourful undulating shapes. Visitors fly through vistas of abstract beauty in an art installation unconstrained by the limits of reality. Mack has made art with 3D computer graphics for over thirty years. Imagery, 3D printed sculpture, and VR artworks can be found at kevinmackart.com

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Spotlight: Kevin Mack on Creating Abstract VR Worlds
Artist and Academy Award winning visual effects pioneer, Kevin Mack received the Oscar for Best Visual Effects for his work on What Dreams May Come. In 2017, Mack released Blortasia, a surreal maze full of colour and sensual undulating shapes, where players float through a calm world in virtual reality (VR), finding vistas of abstract beauty and moments of inward reflection. In this interview, Mack reflects on his creative process, expectations, and his thoughts on the future of immersive art.
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