Friend Generator
Friend Generator
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Created by Aidan Waite and David Han in Unity, Friend Generator records movement through space, engaging in temporal conversation with the viewer. This piece is a version of After Dan Graham, an experimental mixed reality interactive art installation inspired by Dan Graham’s 1974 video art installation Time Delay Room 1. Both a re-creation and expansion of Graham’s work, this installation extends his groundbreaking use of video feedback to investigate how technology mediates self-perception. Through playful interaction with their work, Waite and Han hope that participants reflect upon the vital role our physical selves serve in understanding the world around us. By creating a space to encounter past versions of oneself, Friend Generator makes explicit how much information our bodies convey, as well as how much we learn through our bodies.

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MOR May 2020: Friends of Eden
This week's show goes far and wide to address a widely reported, collective feeling of funk during this state of quarantine. We're showcasing a variety of new pieces and a fresh spatial interview too
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