Gerald McWonky
Mez Breeze
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Created with MasterpieceVR, this piece was Mez Breeze's attempt to break away from previous stylistics she had been employing to craft VR Works [a kind of visual flourish that was very flow/fluid based and colourful] and instead create a wonky robotic creature with a sense of real weight to it. She wanted to make this robo-humanoid [dubbed “Gerald McWonky” by Manny Sharrad, a friend of hers] resemble a mechanical Frankensteinish creature, but one that [for some reason or other] just couldn’t make the transition from inanimate object to animated robot. Originally, Gerald was created as part of the “Sustainable Future Cities Initiative" developed by Microsoft, Samsung, MasterpieceVR, and Sketchfab. The process was all about getting a decent sense of weight to him, with an asymmetrical skewness [without him looking too lopsided] while hinting that he’d been placed on a scrapheap, possibly after having key components scavenged from him. While Mez is inspired by the work of numerous artists across different mediums, what informs her work the most is massively diverse input from a huge range of sources, including natural ecosystems. She draws intense and constant inspiration when fostering and reflecting within them. Ultimately, Mez hopes viewers find the piece engaging enough to speculate about Gerald’s origins, his backstory. Or even just enjoy being in his presence, and maybe give him a pat or two.

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Announcing The Canadian Collection
The Museum of Other Realities presents its first original collection of narrative experiences curated across the Canadian immersive ecosystem. The Canadian Collection, a project co-created with Kaleidoscope and produced in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada and Canada Media Fund will be held in the virtual gallery from December 17, 2021 to April 29, 2022.
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The Museum of Other Realities is Now Free to Visit
We’re excited to announce that there’s no longer a paywall to get into the MOR!
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