Infinite Fidget
John Orion Young
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"There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen." -Vladimir Ilyich Lenin As we recede into our filter bubbles reality is increasingly stratified, the moments which define our everyday and the paradigms which serve as its foundations become ever more fragile and suceptible to sudden shifts. If we travelled back in time would we end up way out in space, stuck wherever the earth was in its rotation at that moment? Unbalance a worlds orbit or rebalance your chakras within, just make sure your spinner arrives before the world turns.

Tools used
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MOR September: Domicile
Stepping into Durk van der Meer's (@durkatwork)Terrarium feels like inviting yourself into someone’s home without ringing the doorbell. Something about it is comforting enough to make you wait for a host, as you take in the stillness of an indoor environment and the warmth of a stylized home theater. Created with Google Blocks and Substance Painter, Terrarium touches on Durk's love for dioramas and his background in architectural visualization - both of which have been poignantly realized in the piece.
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