Complex Chaos
Sean Tann
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In Complex Chaos a fractal is displayed on the arched dome above you. It will grow and change depending on your movements and position in the room. Fractals are complex but not random and to Tann they visualize the beauty of mathematics. These fractals are from the Julia Set which was first described in the early 1900's but wasn't visualized until computers could do the thousands of required calculations in 1978. Now you can even interact with them through the advancement of technology and the work of Sean Tann.

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Featured in...
MOR July: Through the Looking Glass
This month, Michelle Brown (@thebadlament) brings us two pieces, both illustrated in Tilt Brush. Exhibited in 2019 at The Other Art Fair in Melbourne, Looking Glass explores the use of space and boundaries through colourful multifaceted structures you can peer through. Similarly, in Glass Cities, Brown examines pods of human settlement, posing the question: What does the future hold for humanity?
Introducing Spatial interviews
With our Fall Update, we introduced a new way to learn more about the amazing artists pushing the envelope of virtual reality (VR) art. Spatial Interviews are similar to audio tours or podcasts, except in the MOR, these are captured moments you can walk around in and experience like you were there. In addition to a guided tour of Sean Tann's Complex Chaos, we now have two new Spatial Interviews in the MOR, one with VR artist John Orion Young and the other with sound designer, Em Halberstadt.
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