Glass Cities
Michelle Brown
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Glass cities examines the relationship between humanity and the natural world, an obsession with what is in store for future generations even as we put that future at risk. Will we enclose ourselves in biodomes, live in space, or find a new planet to call home? Things are far more fragile than we realize. Brown's work is inspired by Liz Edwards early VR artwork, some of which can be seen in "Lagrange Point" through the portal directly behind you.

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Featured in...
MOR July: Through the Looking Glass
This month, Michelle Brown (@thebadlament) brings us two pieces, both illustrated in Tilt Brush. Exhibited in 2019 at The Other Art Fair in Melbourne, Looking Glass explores the use of space and boundaries through colourful multifaceted structures you can peer through. Similarly, in Glass Cities, Brown examines pods of human settlement, posing the question: What does the future hold for humanity?
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