Looking Glass
Michelle Brown
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Michelle Brown is a Brisbane based multidisciplinary artist interested in interactive mixed reality installations. Michelle has created VR music videos and visuals for a variety of artists and organisations as well as exhibiting her work around the world. Brown admires the style of many prolific science fiction artists including Moebius, Philippe Druillet, Bruce Pennington, Chris Foss, Frank Freas and others. The artist takes these influences and puts her own spin on it using vibrant abstract forms to construct sci fi dioramas. Looking Glass is an immersive installation which was shown at "The Other Art Fair" in Melbourne in 2019. The piece is inspired by a retro bath house and seventies sci-fi art; encouraging participants to examine the structure, boundaries, and spatial relationship between real and virtual worlds.

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MOR July: Through the Looking Glass
This month, Michelle Brown (@thebadlament) brings us two pieces, both illustrated in Tilt Brush. Exhibited in 2019 at The Other Art Fair in Melbourne, Looking Glass explores the use of space and boundaries through colourful multifaceted structures you can peer through. Similarly, in Glass Cities, Brown examines pods of human settlement, posing the question: What does the future hold for humanity?
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