Danny Bittman
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Since 2017 Danny Bittman has continued his exploration of both technique and technology. This room represents a change in tools and philosophy. His focus is on the whole room around you and how you and your eyes travel through it. Details have fallen away and the space things occupy is most important. Much of the technical workflow for this room was developed by Bittman while working with Lighthaus on the upcoming spacial colouring book *Color Space*. Here Bittman is working with Tilt Brush for initial layout and concept then Gravity Sketch to make the shapes. He takes the shapes into the Maya VR plugin to refine some of the positions and elements. Then he defines the final colours in Substance Painter. Danny's journey so far has taken him from tying controllers to the ceiling to working with brands like Marvel, Google and Hyundai to making places that draw you through and around them. But there's still much more to explore in virtual reality and anyone who puts on a headset can help define the future.

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