The Hug of Hong Hengcharoensuk
Sufee Yama
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While decluttering her house, Thai artist, Sufee Yama discovered lost objects from her childhood. Among them, were family pictures and an old oil painting series she had created many years before featuring her late grandmother. Every object she touched brought back a surge of memories and experiences that defined who she is today. To preserve some of those memories, she recreated the oil painting series in the form of an immersive experience by painting it in VR with Quill. Using RunwayML for Machine Learning Style Transfer, the expression of every brushstroke and colour choice in the original oil painting is replicated in 3D space. Sufee is inspired by Rosalie Yu's work with motion and 3D scans, as well as volumetric art from Marta Di Francesco, and oil paintings from Alex Kanevsky. She hopes that the piece encourages viewers to slow down the pace of modern life to appreciate the memories and time spent with loved ones.

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