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Ghouls is another in a series of horror pieces by Liz Edwards. She sees horror as fun and universal noting even media that isn't explicitly horror uses undercurrents of horror to great effect. Liz created the Ghouls in Tilt Brush and then worked in 3DS Max to produce the forms that appear here. First she drew them with Tilt Brush in grey-scale with the wire brush using few strokes to keep the poly-count down, then in 3DS Max reduced the polycount further and rigged them, the final step was using Max's vertex colouring and animation tools to give these creatures colour and life. Liz is a professional 3d artist for games and Ghouls is a good example of her combining traditional 3d game art techniques with new VR tools to create an experience that is unique and very effective. The space is further embellished with a floor of photogrammetry sand by Az Balabanian, sand from Ocean Beach in San Francisco is distorted to provide an evocative other worldly feel to Ghouls.

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Fall 2019: Ghosts and Ghouls
Liz Edwards (@LizalEdwards) brings a band of other-worldly animated ghouls and skeletons to the MOR. Created with Tilt Brush and 3DS Max, the Ghouls are made even more compelling with immersive sound design by A Shell In The Pit and an embellished floor of photogrammetry sand (from Ocean Beach in San Francisco) by Az Balabanian (@Azadux).
Featured in...
MOR x Tribeca Immersive 2022
We're excited to host this year's Tribeca Immersive selections in the museum! Tribeca Immersive showcases cutting-edge virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences by top artists pushing the boundaries of storytelling with technology through impactful and emotionally engaging stories.
Announcing The Canadian Collection
The Museum of Other Realities presents its first original collection of narrative experiences curated across the Canadian immersive ecosystem. The Canadian Collection, a project co-created with Kaleidoscope and produced in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada and Canada Media Fund will be held in the virtual gallery from December 17, 2021 to April 29, 2022.
Spotlight: Andy Baker on Ascribing Personality to Randomness
Based in Brighton, UK, Andy Baker is an artist-developer who has “always been drawn towards more creative ends of tech, and probably the tech ends of the creative world”. For our November 2020 show called Body Clock we had the opportunity to work with Andy, specifically with the mathematical piece Gossamer. 
The Museum of Other Realities is Now Free to Visit
We’re excited to announce that there’s no longer a paywall to get into the MOR!
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