Isaac Cohen
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An excerpt from a larger project by experimental artist, Isaac Cohen, IM || MATERIA was born out a desire to tell a story with a simulation, using different organic creatures. Cohen (also known as Cabbibo) has published numerous projects ranging from surreal VR, AR, and web-based experiences to open-source tools. For this project, he was inspired by the work of creators like Vectorpark and Chaim Gingold, especially in terms of their ability to use exploration and play to elicit emotion. Using Compute Shaders and Unity, Cohen was determined to develop a ‘handcrafted-digital’ look for the exhibit in order to retain the 'human side' that he feels is often lost in the process of digital creation.

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Spotlight: Isaac Cohen and the Telescope for the Mind
Isaac Cohen has been making art with computers for over ten years now. He has published an eclectic array of works ranging from audiovisual fact-learning apps, interactive experiences made from recursive algorithms to a real-time procedural music blog where users traverse a universe of sound. 
MOR 1.0 Release: The Museum of Other Realities Exits Early Access
After many months of development, we're excited to finally launch version 1.0 of the Museum of Other Realities (MOR) on Steam, Viveport, and Oculus Store (Coming Soon). During our time in Early Access, we had the opportunity to hear from the community, which in turn, helped us iterate based on the valuable feedback we've received. We're also glad to have worked with so many amazing artists who have contributed so much to the MOR.
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