Solve et Coagula
Cesar Ortega
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From the Artist: "Solve et Coagula" means to dissolve and coagulate or to destroy so that you can rebuild. This process is seen in the totality of life. Cells must die so that new ones may replace them. We must destroy old habits or paradigms to create better ones. Destruction, as ugly as it can be, is an integral part of existence. In this piece, the layers are torn away from the human figure but are fed back into the galaxy which in return turn into us. A never-ending cycle we should strive to always keep in mind, often pain and loss can be a sign of potential change for the better if we can see the opportunity through the fog.

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Spotlight: Cesar Ortega on Creating VR Art with Emerging Tools
Having worked with companies like Unity, Tiltbrush, GoogleVR and others, Cesar Ortega is an artist passionate about creating and designing with virtual reality. In this week’s spotlight, Ortega talks about his experience working with VR art tools, along with the benefits and challenges that come with working in a new medium.
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