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MOR 1.0 Release: The Museum of Other Realities Exits Early Access

After many months of development, we're excited to finally launch version 1.0 of the Museum of Other Realities (MOR) on Steam, Viveport, and Oculus Store (Coming Soon). During our time in Early Access, we had the opportunity to hear from the community, which in turn, helped us iterate based on the valuable feedback we've received. We're also glad to have worked with so many amazing artists who have contributed so much to the MOR.

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Spotlight: Anand Duncan on Designing Fashion in VR
Anand Duncan is a designer for animation in television, film, and VR. She has brought her bright playful designs to the hit series Teen Titans Go!, and her fun fashion illustrations to the pages of LA Magazine. Her love of retro sci-fi and renaissance gowns influence both her personal and commercial work. She likes to bring appeal to her characters and clothing by highlighting the structure of the body and telling a story. In this week’s spotlight, Duncan talks about her experience using VR tools for fashion design.
MOR July: Through the Looking Glass
This month, Michelle Brown (@thebadlament) brings us two pieces, both illustrated in Tilt Brush. Exhibited in 2019 at The Other Art Fair in Melbourne, Looking Glass explores the use of space and boundaries through colourful multifaceted structures you can peer through. Similarly, in Glass Cities, Brown examines pods of human settlement, posing the question: What does the future hold for humanity?
Spotlight: Cesar Ortega on Creating VR Art with Emerging Tools
Having worked with companies like Unity, Tiltbrush, GoogleVR and others, Cesar Ortega is an artist passionate about creating and designing with virtual reality. In this week’s spotlight, Ortega talks about his experience working with VR art tools, along with the benefits and challenges that come with working in a new medium.
Spotlight: Kevin Mack on Creating Abstract VR Worlds
Artist and Academy Award winning visual effects pioneer, Kevin Mack received the Oscar for Best Visual Effects for his work on What Dreams May Come. In 2017, Mack released Blortasia, a surreal maze full of colour and sensual undulating shapes, where players float through a calm world in virtual reality (VR), finding vistas of abstract beauty and moments of inward reflection. In this interview, Mack reflects on his creative process, expectations, and his thoughts on the future of immersive art.
The MOR is Now in Early Access
Over the last few years, we’ve been building the Museum of Other Realities (MOR), a virtual space for VR artists to exhibit their work and share the experience with others. We’re glad to announce that the MOR has entered Early Access, so you can get it on Steam! You probably have a few questions, so read on to get some answers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Discord or on our website.
MOR Alive Than Ever
We’ve been quiet recently, and we’re really sorry about that. But don’t worry, we haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve closed a Series A investment round. This has been in the works for a while and is exciting in many ways; the funding allows us to provide more support to the artists we feature while making sure the Museum is the best it can be as we move closer to release.
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